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How Big Tobacco buys influence

Big Tobacco has deep pockets and is not afraid to pay to get what it wants. Even if it means harming people’s health, degrading the environment or exploiting tobacco workers.

Below are just some of the ways Big Tobacco uses its dirty money to buy influence.

Groundbreaking new reports from STOP on British American Tobacco (BAT) unpack thousands of internal documents which suggest that BAT was engaged in potentially illegal activity in Africa, including a military-style surveillance operation to disrupt competitors, hundreds of payments to influence health policy and much more.

Sometimes Big Tobacco’s dirty money is less obvious, like its funding of “independent” front groups to promote industry-friendly policies or payments to researchers to produce pseudoscience that bolsters the industry’s rhetoric.

It might seem counterintuitive, but tobacco companies have been accused of getting involved in the cigarette black market. By smuggling their own merchandise, they avoid taxes and reach more consumers by offering cheaper products. Unsurprisingly, Big Tobacco also attempts to interfere with effective anti-smuggling government operations around the world.

And these tactics are just the beginning. Expose Big Tobacco’s #DirtyMoney by exploring STOP’s related resources below.