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Costa Rica

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Indicators of Influence

These seven key indicators highlight interference from the tobacco industry in Costa Rica.

No. 1

Industry participation in policy development

Indicator Score:

6 / 20

No. 2

Tobacco industry-related CSR activities

Indicator Score:

4 / 20

No. 3

Benefits given to the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

5 / 20

No. 4

Unnecessary interaction with the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

0 / 20

No. 5

Procedure for transparency measures

Indicator Score:

10 / 20

No. 6

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Indicator Score:

1 / 20

No. 7

Preventive measures

Indicator Score:

22 / 30


The following points are recommended to be developed by the Ministry of Health, through the Tobacco Control Program and in coordination with other institutions in the corresponding sectors:

  • Create a code of conduct with minimum standards for the interaction of government officials with the tobacco industry in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.3 of the FCTC and its guidelines.
  • Have a National Plan for Tobacco Control with intersectoral and civic society participation, which considers within the strategic actions the promotion and (or) awareness-raising directed at all public powers on the FCTC and Article 5.3.
  • Establish a transparent official mechanism to record the interactions that government representatives have with the tobacco industry, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.3 of the FCTC and its guidelines.
  • Establish a policy to reject acceptance of any form of contribution or gift from the tobacco industry.
  • Include in the strategic actions of the Observatory Surveillance and Intervention Strategies Health for compliance with Law No. 9028 (OVEIS) monitoring actions on implementing the tobacco industry to the detriment of Article 5.3.

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