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Indicators of Influence

These seven key indicators highlight interference from the tobacco industry in Jordan.

No. 1

Industry participation in policy development

Indicator Score:

16 / 20

No. 2

Tobacco industry-related CSR activities

Indicator Score:

5 / 20

No. 3

Benefits given to the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

10 / 20

No. 4

Unnecessary interaction with the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

15 / 20

No. 5

Procedure for transparency measures

Indicator Score:

8 / 20

No. 6

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Indicator Score:

12 / 20

No. 7

Preventive measures

Indicator Score:

12 / 30


The following are areas where Jordan can improve and strengthen its interaction with the tobacco industry:

  • The industry and its front groups’ influence, as they continue to be part of policy-making committees.
  • The lack of laws or regulations that demand transparency by disclosing all meetings and necessary interactions between government agencies with the industry.
  • Alarming level of tobacco industry interaction with governmental employees.
  • Tobacco industry CSR activities and their support in communities, especially youth initiatives among other community base projects.
  • Certain governmental institutions are prone to having more interaction with the industry, such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism and Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO) among others.

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