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Indicators of Influence

These seven key indicators highlight interference from the tobacco industry in Mozambique.

No. 1

Industry participation in policy development

Indicator Score:

7 / 20

No. 2

Tobacco industry-related CSR activities

Indicator Score:

4 / 20

No. 3

Benefits given to the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

7 / 20

No. 4

Unnecessary interaction with the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

6 / 20

No. 5

Procedure for transparency measures

Indicator Score:

10 / 20

No. 6

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Indicator Score:

5 / 20

No. 7

Preventive measures

Indicator Score:

25 / 30


These are ways Mozambique can deter interference from the tobacco industry:

  • As a matter of urgency, enact a national tobacco control law, which incorporates WHO FCTC provisions, and adopt a national tobacco control plan aimed at the Tobacco Control Act.
  • Provide adequate resources for tobacco control programs.
  • Make concerted efforts among the government, civil society organizations, including NGOs, and the population at large to establish a common strategy with the aim of saving human lives.
  • Create necessary conditions for future generations to lead healthier more sustainable lives free from the harms of tobacco use.
  • Institutionally implement education, communication, training and public awareness programs on tobacco use hazards to cover the most disadvantaged groups of the population, particularly in rural areas.

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