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Sri Lanka

Overall Score: 45

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Indicators of Influence

These seven key indicators highlight interference from the tobacco industry in Sri Lanka.

No. 1

Industry participation in policy development

Indicator Score:

4 / 20

No. 2

Tobacco industry-related CSR activities

Indicator Score:

5 / 20

No. 3

Benefits given to the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

3 / 20

No. 4

Unnecessary interaction with the tobacco industry

Indicator Score:

4 / 20

No. 5

Procedure for transparency measures

Indicator Score:

10 / 20

No. 6

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Indicator Score:

7 / 20

No. 7

Preventive measures

Indicator Score:

12 / 30


These are ways Sri Lanka can deter interference from the tobacco industry:

  • Implement a full ban on all forms of tobacco industry-related CSR activities as required in the FCTC.
  • Implement procedures for interaction with the tobacco industry and disclose all records of interaction with it.
  • Awareness programs on Article 5.3 should be conducted regularly for government officials.
  • There should be exit policy term limits for retired government officials for five years so that they do not join the tobacco industry immediately, and a cooling-off period for former tobacco industry executives who want to serve in public office.

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