The Tobacco Atlas: Illicit trade

The Tobacco Atlas is a free online resource and companion book that maps the nature and magnitude of the tobacco epidemic by country and provides proven solutions. The illicit trade section of the atlas outlines the tobacco industry’s claims against various policies (e.g. tax increases and bans on tobacco product displays) and provides data to inform and arm advocates to counter these myths.

There are also several short articles, including “Almost All Illicit Cigarettes Began Legally Somewhere Else.” This article exposes the duplicity of the tobacco industry’s claims that homegrown counterfeiters are manufacturing illicitly traded cigarettes. In fact, Philip Morris International’s own data shows that out of a total of 339 billion internationally traded illicit cigarettes in 2013, just 2% were made by illegal counterfeiters.

The Tobacco Atlas is published by the American Cancer Society, Inc. and Vital Strategies.

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