About STOP

It's time to shine the light on the tobacco industry

STOP is a network of academic and public health organizations operating globally as part of the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use. STOP connects experts in all aspects of the tobacco industry’s business to expose and counter its relentless efforts to sell harmful, addictive products.

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A Multi-Front, Global Approach to Tobacco Control


STOP is dedicated to rigorously exposing the tobacco industry’s efforts to derail tobacco control and hook a new generation of users. We work around the world, with a special focus on low-and middle-income countries where the industry is aggressively targeting communities and where the biggest populations are at risk for tobacco-related disease burden.


At least 8 million people die every year from using tobacco products. Millions more live every day with the health and economic consequences of tobacco use. The main barrier to reducing this preventable death and suffering is a deep-pocketed industry driven by profit.

The tobacco industry uses those deep pockets to deceive the public, target children, exploit marginalized communities and interfere in sovereign political processes. It works tirelessly to derail life-saving policies that threaten those profits. And as it continues to sell hundreds of billions of cigarettes, it has the audacity to claim it wants to help smokers quit.

It is clear that the tobacco industry is no friend of public health. This principle, that the interests of the tobacco industry and public health are incompatible, is enshrined in the world’s first global health treaty, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

The tobacco industry is global, its well-documented tactics are evolving and an ever-expanding product portfolio may contain new risks that science has not yet uncovered. The epidemic of tobacco-related disease, however, persists because of the tobacco industry and needs to be countered at every level.


STOP partners bring decades of experience from the public, private and non-governmental sectors. We are researchers, investigative journalists, epidemiologists, former civil servants, advocates, storytellers and more. Our interdisciplinary skill set strengthens our capabilities in industry monitoring, research, policy, advocacy and strategic communication.


STOP’s primary work is to understand and expose tobacco industry behavior, and to arm and support stakeholders with evidence and tools to counter the industry.

We do this by:

  • Providing a platform for advocates, policy makers and journalists to access the latest information on the tobacco industry—including exposés on abuses and tactics, analyses on industry behavior and new tools to fight industry interference
  • Collecting data and investing in comprehensive research
  • Responding to requests for help through our rapid response service
  • Exposing and challenging the industry’s dishonest strategies by engaging with local and international media
  • Collaborating across the tobacco control network and other sectors to ensure a comprehensive approach to countering industry tactics