The tobacco industry is actively threatening public health everywhere. STOP shines the light on major trends, issues and tactics that governments and citizens need to know about, and offers ways to counter the industry.


Tobacco production accelerates deforestation, poisons waterways, creates toxic waste and more. Yet Big Tobacco deflects blame by advertising its sustainability efforts designed to paint itself as an environmental ally, not part of the problem.


Harmful forms of bias negatively affect many people’s health and well-being around the world. Big Tobacco targets these same people with addictive and harmful products, making inequity worse.

Next Generation Addiction

To stay profitable, Big Tobacco must replace consumers who have died from using its products. Although it claims novel products are less harmful than cigarettes, they are still designed to addict.

Industry Marketing

Big Tobacco uses targeted, deliberate marketing tactics to addict more people to its products. From blatant ads to more covert sponsorships, industry marketing is pervasive.

Sabotaging Policy

Big Tobacco is relentless and ruthless in its efforts to subvert policy. Governments have options to protect the integrity of their policies, especially by implementing the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.