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Do you have an idea for how to protect health policies from tobacco industry interference? You could be eligible for a grant.

From 2021-2023, 42 grants were approved in 32 countries to identify, expose and directly counter tobacco industry efforts to undermine public health.

What are Tobacco Industry Interference Grants?

  • Short-term, targeted projects around 6 months long.
  • Available to organizations in any country as long as there is a targeted need or opportunity to counter the tobacco industry.
  • We welcome and encourage applications from tobacco control, corporate accountability, social justice, public health, human rights, youth and environmental sectors with capabilities in investigative research, journalism, media engagement or policy advocacy.
  • We will not fund government projects, lobbying activities, academic research, general education programs or activities that are solely for awareness raising.

Past projects have achieved tangible results by exposing tobacco industry activities and gaining commitments from government stakeholders to take concrete steps towards preventing industry interference and progressing tobacco control.

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Work Funded By STOP

Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI)—Indonesia

Behind PP 109 revision: Investigating tobacco industry interference and other factors influencing tobacco control progress in Indonesia.

Smoke Free Life Coalition—Bulgaria

Investigating tobacco industry-sponsored grants, charity and corporate social responsibility activities in Bulgaria.

Consumer Information Network (CIN)—Kenya

Countering tobacco industry interference in the regulation of electronic tobacco products.

VERA Files Inc.—Philippines

STOP THE SMOKE: Debunking the Tobacco Industry in the Philippines.

Salud Justa y Sustentabilidad—Mexico

Countering conflicts of interest in Mexico.

Fundación EPES – Iniciativa Chile Libre de Tabaco—Chile

Social media and mass media campaign to obtain public commitment from politicians against tobacco industry interference in Chile.

ADIC—Sri Lanka

Expose tobacco industry tactics to promote single stick cigarette use among vulnerable groups in Sri Lanka.


Investigate the influence of the industry in governmental decisions.

Fundación para el Desarrollo de Politicas Sustentables (Fundeps)—Argentina

New strategies of the tobacco industry’s impact into public health policies.

Action Nepal—Nepal

Preventing corporate social responsibility activities of the tobacco industry during COVID-19 in Nepal.

Red Nactional Antitobaco (RENATA)—Costa Rica

Sin cortinas de humo en Costa Rica (No Smoke Screen in Costa Rica)

Corporate Accountability and Public Participation in Africa (CAPPA)—Nigeria

Exposing tobacco industry capture of the virtual space in Nigeria.

Egypt Health Foundation—Egypt

Exposing the tobacco industry through media advocacy.

Tobacco-Free Association of Zambia (TOFAZA)—Zambia

Accelerated campaign to expose and counteract the tobacco industry interference activities on tobacco control in Zambia.

Fundacion Annas—Colombia

Investigation into tobacco industry front groups in Colombia.


Investigation into tobacco industry interference in smoke-free policy in La Graciosa Islands.

Ethos Public Policy Lab—Mexico

Investigation into tobacco industry interference in the reform of the tobacco control law in Mexico.


Investigation into business sector interference in a CSR bill.


Investigation into tobacco industry interference with policymakers during the pandemic.

Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA)—Nigeria

Investigation into tobacco industry interference in the non-health sector.


Investigation into tobacco industry influence in non-health sector tax policy.


Investigation into the exploitation of women in tobacco production.

Asesorias En Comunicacion del Este—Costa Rica

Investigation into tobacco industry interference in anti-smuggling policy measures.

Tobacco Free Association of Zambia (TOFAZA)—Zambia

Investigation into tobacco industry interference in policy development.