Think Philip Morris International Is Really Going “Smoke-Free”?

Think again

Philip Morris International's claims of a smoke-free future ignore key details, like how the company still sells billions of combustibles.

Philip Morris International, the world’s largest transnational cigarette company, claims it’s “delivering a smoke-free future.” But its actions tell a different story.

While telling governments and consumers that it has “made the decision to go smoke-free”:

  • PMI continues to produce hundreds of billions of cigarettes per year—and has increased shipment volumes in certain regions.
  • PMI continues to advertise tobacco, including to young people and nonsmokers.

Governments and consumers should also be skeptical of Philip Morris International’s aggressive marketing of its “smoke-free” alternatives to cigarettes.

  • PMI’s flagship “smoke-free” product, IQOS, may not actually be smoke-free and isn’t proven to help people quit smoking.

Philip Morris International’s actions show that its “smoke-free” rhetoric is a PR effort to improve its public image while continuing to profit from the sale of addictive and deadly products.

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