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Unsmoke Is a Joke

Philip Morris International’s “Year of Unsmoke” is failing to create a “smoke-free future”

In 2019, Philip Morris International (PMI) launched the “Year of Unsmoke.” The PR campaign promotes PMI’s vision of a “smoke-free future.” Three years—and nearly 2 trillion cigarettes shipped—later, the tobacco company is charging ahead with its cigarette business.

PMI’s duplicity is on full display. It claims to want a “smoke-free future,” yet since the launch of the “Year of Unsmoke,” PMI has:

  • Shipped 1.9 trillion cigarettes worldwide
  • Opened new cigarette factories
  • Advertised cigarettes to young people
  • Countered policies that would reduce tobacco use
  • Assured shareholders that its cigarette business remains strong

PMI’s “Unsmoke” campaign is still a joke.

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