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Conflict of Interest Disclaimer

The tobacco industry’s interests are fundamentally and irreconcilably in conflict with public health and, thus, with the work of STOP. This conflict of interest is not only encoded in our partner organizations, but it is enshrined in Article 5.3 of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

As such, STOP upholds a firm non-engagement policy with the tobacco industry and those furthering its interests. We reserve the right to refuse or exclude registrants from our activities due to their involvement with the tobacco industry, or if their interests align with the tobacco industry.

In advance of STOP events or activities, we may ask individuals and organizations to confirm if they have any conflicts of interest so that participants know they can take part in a secure and safe environment.

STOP’s mission as a global watchdog is to strengthen public health by exposing and countering the pernicious behavior of the Tobacco Industry and its proxies. The industry has a long history of undermining and intimidating public health professionals using a variety of techniques—STOP will not facilitate such behavior.