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Analysis of Major Industry Arguments Against Plain Packaging

April 28, 2019

Tobacco in Australia is a comprehensive review of the major issues in smoking and health in Australia, compiled by the Cancer Council Victoria. The section of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control “Analysis of Major Industry Arguments Against Plain Packaging,” lists four main arguments the tobacco industry has made against plain packaging:

  • that plain packaging is ineffective in controlling tobacco;
  • that it is inconvenient and leads to lost trade for retailers;
  • that plain packaging is equivalent to acquiring the intellectual property of tobacco retailers; and
  • that it facilitates illicit trade and sales to minors.

The section provides the research and an extensive list of references to counter each of these claims. The text of Tobacco in Australia may be freely reproduced and figures and graphs (except where reproduced from other sources) may be used, giving appropriate acknowledgement to Cancer Council Victoria.