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Tobacco Pack Branding—Theory and Practice

January 1, 2018

“Tobacco Pack Branding—Theory and Practice” is a comprehensive overview of the function of tobacco packaging through the lens of marketing theory and literature. The site explains why tobacco packaging becomes even more important when tobacco advertising is already banned, how tobacco packaging is different from packaging of other goods (because it is taken out and retained as the product is used), how tobacco packaging affects youth smoking, and how tobacco branding misleads customers through words like “light” and “low tar.”

The resource gives examples of how the tobacco industry has invested in understanding how to use branding to sell its products, countering the industry’s claims that the branding does not matter enough to take it away. The overview is a part of the Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids’ Plain Packaging Toolkit, A Practical Guide to Policy Development, Drafting the Law and Overcoming Tobacco Industry Opposition.