“Tobacco Slave” Panel Discussion with Director and Experts

November 09, 2023

STOP’s film, “Tobacco Slave,” sheds light on the working conditions of tobacco farmers in Malawi. Although they provide crops to some of the world’s largest tobacco companies, many are trapped in a cycle of poverty stemming from unfair and exploitative farming contracts.

In New York City, an audience gathered to watch the film and hear a panel of experts discuss the issue in more depth. Watch the panel discussion and audience Q&A to learn more about the labor conditions on tobacco farms—and how farmers can move away from tobacco.


  • Roy Maconachie, Director of “Tobacco Slave”
  • Noy Thrupkaew, Director of the Ida B. Wells Fellowship Program at Type Investigations
  • Shakuntala Santhiran, International broadcast journalist
  • Jorge Alday, Director, STOP
“Tobacco Slave” Panel Discussion with Director and Experts