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REACT services

STOP designed REACT services to help counter industry interference in tobacco control policy, especially for many low- and middle-income countries where it is a critical battlefield. REACT provides tobacco industry monitoring, research and expertise in strategic communication and countering industry arguments, customized to the national context.

We emphasize collaboration with local partners to align on strategy and make sure that STOP’s expertise fills gaps that enhance tobacco control. While STOP does not currently provide funding, we do offer substantial experience in countering the industry and access to a network of specialists around the world.

How to use REACT services

To request help from REACT, fill out the form below with information about the industry interference or policy under threat. Please include the following:

  • Timeframe under which the policy might be passed or implemented
  • Main actors in government and civil society
  • Tobacco companies involved
  • Description of the tobacco industry activities

See the FAQs to learn more. REACT provides support to counter the tobacco industry’s tactics and attempts to interfere in policy. We are unable to aid in development of tobacco control programs.

We may contact you for more information and to better understand how STOP can help.

Countering Interference in Zambia

REACT responded to Big Tobacco's attempts to undermine tobacco control policies in Zambia.

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Countering Interference in Zambia

In May 2019, STOP received a REACT request from Zambia identifying industry attempts to undermine the development of tobacco control policy. The request sought REACT’s assistance in countering the industry’s arguments and mobilizing local advocacy strategies.
REACT created a working group which included the Tobacco Free Association of Zambia (TOFAZA) to address this urgent request. The group mobilized quickly, including preparing a technical brief to counter industry arguments and helping TOFAZA to publish an article in a major national newspaper highlighting the chilling health and economic costs of tobacco. Ultimately, this helped impart the urgency and importance of implementing tobacco control policies to save Zambian lives.
This partnership also resulted in Zambia’s participation in STOP's Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index, further building on the advocacy momentum sparked by the REACT process.


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