Tobacco Industry and Corruption

May 12, 2021

The tobacco control community has known about corruption perpetuated by the tobacco industry for years, such as its bad corporate behavior and complicity in egregious practices. For governments that are undertaking efforts to fight corruption in health care regulations, customs and finance, Article 5.3 implementation can serve as a starting point, an indicator, a test of resilience and a means to protect public health officials and policymakers from the unscrupulous tactics of the tobacco industry.

Watch this webinar from STOP, or download the supporting brief, and learn about:

  • The link between the tobacco industry and corruption, including existing evidence and the dangers of associating with the tobacco industry.
  • Available tools and materials that will help frame issues around corruption and hold the tobacco industry accountable.
  • Practices that promote integrity and help adopt preventive measures.
Tobacco Industry and Corruption