The enormous burden the tobacco industry has placed on people and health systems worldwide has likely made COVID-19 damage more severe and recovery more difficult. Now more than ever, governments should hold the industry accountable for these costs. Here are tools that can help.

As Costs Pile Up for COVID-19, Tobacco Companies Should Be Held Accountable for Smoking-Related Health Harms

The destruction, illness and death the tobacco industry causes have become amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is why we think tobacco should pay up and several ways governments can make them do so. Let’s hold the tobacco industry accountable now and lessen the burden for future generations.

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COVID-19: Dos and Don’ts for Governments and the Tobacco Industry

Governments must protect their citizens, health systems and economies from the damages of the pandemic—but they aren’t the only entities that need to take action. Tobacco companies have a role to play, too. See the key “dos and don’ts” for both sides.

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Policy Brief: The Role of the WHO FCTC in COVID-19 Responses

As countries create their COVID-19 recovery responses, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control can lay the groundwork for protecting new policies from industry interference and bolstering public health. Here’s how.

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Webinar: Countering Tobacco Industry Interference in the Time of COVID 19

The tobacco industry is exploiting the COVID-19 crisis. We challenge governments to fight back. Watch this webinar for expert guidance on how governments can strengthen the implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

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