Modern Addiction: Hooking the Next Generation

The tobacco industry is counting on young people to fund its future business

Modern Addiction: Hooking the Next Generation

Tobacco companies aren’t giving up on hooking the next generation of smokers—they continue to market cigarettes to youth, no matter how much they deny it.

But now, they’re also targeting young people with new, addictive products like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. Sleek designs, candy flavors, trendy retail shops, social media influencers and sports sponsorships are all part of the tobacco industry’s modern strategy to lure young users into addiction.

They say these electronic products are safer. Just like they said filtered and “light” cigarettes were safer, even though evidence eventually proved they were no less harmful than regular cigarettes.

We can’t let history repeat itself. Help us stop the tobacco industry’s plans to create modern addiction.

An infographic highlighting the ways the tobacco industry targets young people with fun flavors and sleek product design