Hooking You One Way or Another

The truth about the tobacco industry hurts

A hand holding a vape tank in inverted colors showing the truth about tobacco is nefarious

The tobacco industry knowingly markets and sells products that can be fatal. With misinformation and deceit, they’ve hooked generations of people, most of whom have tried, and failed, to quit.

They make claims such as “smoke-free” and “tar-free” but they don’t have strong scientific evidence to back up either. And they say electronic products are safer, also without conclusive, independent evidence.

They often fund their own research, which you can’t trust because they are ultimately trying to make money, not save lives. The bottom line is they harm humans for profit—especially the youth, who are most at risk of addiction.

For generations, the tobacco industry has knowingly spread lies that result in death and disease for too many people. Now, it’s time to expose the truth about the tobacco industry.