Around the World, Media Turns its Focus to PMI’s Latest Deception 

STOP exposes Philip Morris International's claims of a smoke-free future

Philip Morris International (PMI) gained plenty of international media attention over the past week—but not the kind it wants. News outlets around the world are scrutinizing the tobacco company’s latest harm reduction rhetoric and finding that its actions don’t line up with its alleged aspirations.

Contributing to this growing body of evidence, STOP released extensive research exposing PMI’s latest tactics to get a new generation addicted to its “safer” products while suppressing tobacco control measures around the world.

Since its publication, Addiction at Any Cost: Philip Morris International Uncovered has gained notable media mentions and informed in-depth investigations.

So far, the research has been featured, among other outlets, in:

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism also used the research in its recent exposé on PMI in:

Separately, Reuters also shed light on PMI’s strategy to “normalize” its heated tobacco product, IQOS, reporting on a thorough investigation of the topic by Stanford University researchers.

About the research

The tobacco industry has a long history of attempting to improve its public image when its business and profits come under threat.

Addiction at Any Cost: Philip Morris International Uncovered presents an in-depth analysis that reveals the scale of this latest campaign to deceive the public, infiltrate health policy and make money from an epidemic.

Download the full report to learn more about PMI’s current harm reduction PR campaign, including new information about its latest front group, the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.